Public Safety Report: Jan. 28 – March 10


  • Property dispute between roommates


  • Student fell while walking down stairs (DTC)
  • Residence Life requested Public Safety’s assistance with a room search


  • Suitemate disagreement
  • District Attorney’s office was ln campus attempting to look for a student (DTC)
  • A contract vendor slipped and fell on icy sidewalk outside of building 7 near the gas main
  • Webster PD investigator was on campus to interview an employee (DTC)
  • An employee states she lost her college-issued key


  • A student was irate and made alarming comments to an employee
  • A panhandler was reported to be in building 8


  • A faculty member reports being concerned with a student’s behavior in class
  • Students spoke to a counselor for having suicidal thoughts
  • The smell of marijuana was detected in the hallway of Canal Hall was reported
  • A sticker of Pepe the Frog was located on a banner in Building 1
  • A student tripped on another student’s rolling book bag and fell (DTC)


  • Resident student feels uncomfortable with messages he received from another party
  • Graffiti was discovered on a bathroom stall
  • Vehicle was off the roadway and collided with a tree
  • MCC student resident had his electric trimmer taken from his suite
  • A student had her wallet stolen from the marketplace
  • Public Safety assisted an RA in removing a non-resident student


  • Public Safety found profane writing on a chalkboard in Building 9


  • A Pepe the Frog sticker was located in Building 3
  • Graffiti was found in building 9
  • Numerous Pepe the Frog stickers were posted in two men’s bathrooms on campus


  • Faculty reports offensive graffiti in Building 5 men’s bathroom


  • A student was swearing at a staff member
  • A student cut his finger in culinary class
  • Graffiti was found in Building 3


  • Female was found on campus then transported to a shelter
  • Delayed title IX/rape investigation
  • A Snapchat message was sent concerning to women’s basketball team
  • Contraband was found in Building 3
  • A drawing of a swastika was found in a men’s bathroom stall
  • A student reported that another student was sending threatening texts
  • RA found what appeared to be marijuana in Tribune Hall
  • An MCC student struck a light pole on Campus Drive


  • Graffiti was found in Building 12


  • MCC staff reported lewd pictures on a message board on the MCC Facebook page. The picture didn’t reach the Facebook page
  • Contraband was discovered by Residence Life during a suite inspection


  • A student ate fries in Sodexo
  • A student had his debit card and bus pass stolen from his locker
  • Contraband was found outside of a residence hall. Taken into custody for destruction


  • Information was taken regarding a possible larceny


  • A student feels that she is being followed by another student


  • Fire alarm in residence hall due to burning candles
  • A resident student was found with drugs on the basketball team bus, as well as during a room search of his suite
  • A male residence hall student displayed his penis to a female visitor


  • A group of male youths have been disruptive


  • An unknown male approached a female student outside in the parking lot and made inappropriate comments


  • Current MCC student resident reported writing in the snow
  • Political writing on chalkboard


  • A suspicious item was reported
  • Suspicious odor reported in Building 2


  • Two Kodak employees felt harassed by unknown male on N. Plymouth Ave.
  • An employee reported her laptop was stolen


  • Public Safety responded to Tribune Hall for the possible use of marijuana


  • Graffiti was found in Building 9
  • Graffiti was found in a bathroom stall in Building 8
  • An MCC student was involved in an MVA that caused damage to college property


  • Patrol assisted Gates PD with the apprehension of a warrant suspect (DTC)
  • A student is feeling threatened by another student (DTC)
  • An MCC student reported that $200 was taken from her purse
  • Two MCC residence students admitted to smoking marijuana in their suite


  • A student’s finger got slammed in a closing door


  • RTS Bus slid off the roadway on Sports Road. No injuries
  • Plexiglass in ceiling of parking garage was broken


  • Driver arrested for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree


  • An employee reported seeing a student in the locker room with a pocket knife (DTC)
  • Public Safety responded to Canal Hall for a red fire alarm caused by cooking
  • Building Services discovered writing in the men’s bathroom referring to Hitler


  • An MCC employee reported an alarming remark made via telephone
  • Public Safety responded to the report of a larceny in the Marketplace


  • A student was reported as hurting herself on campus
  • A student’s wallet was stolen, containing a credit card


  • Two employees have been having issues with one another on campus
  • Student was observed stealing a cookie from Sodexo cafe
  • A student was stuck on an elevator (DTC)


  • Public Safety checked all campuses due to report of a missing teenager last seen near Highland Hospital

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