Call of Duty: WW2’s Controversial Release

photo courtesy of Microsoft via

photo courtesy of Microsoft via

Call of Duty: WWII, developed by Sledgehammer Games, is now on shelves everywhere right before the holiday season. Through its production and since its announcement back in April, Sledgehammer has been pushing the idea of historical accuracy. But that is not the case, instead the game has been watered down through production flushing any mention of the Nazi party out of their system.

It was announced by Sledgehammer that the mention or usage of the Nazi party or swastika symbolism would not be added to Nazi Zombies or Multiplayer. Multiplayer is understandable as using hate symbols like the swastika would put a divide between the Call of Duty newly added HQ community. But you cannot label and market a product like Nazi Zombies without adding in the use of the swastika to further emphasize that they are in fact Nazi Zombies, a true representation of pure evil in both human and undead form.

The other issue concerning the legitimacy of Call of Duty’s claim of historical accuracy is the addition of prominent Asian, Latino and female characters as they were not as prominent during World War 2. Players are arguably upset over this addition as they would rather keep the game historically accurate, as it was in the previous WW2 title, World at War.

The issue does not stem from racial divides or popularizing the teachings of evil men. It comes from the accuracy and enjoyment the player gets from entering the most realistic space they can access especially when promised so by the developers handling the accurate representations.

The game itself plays very different from previous Call of Duty titles, new gameplay techniques have been introduced leaving the game feeling fresh and renewed. With the addition of the new HQ Multiplayer Hub system implemented into load screens and experience it allows players to rank up by utilizing a social system. Nazi Zombies feels like a mix of classic World at War with that signature Dead Space twist Sledgehammer promised us would be prominently displayed. Nazi Zombies will please fans with its Left 4 Dead style of play as well as its reimagined take on loadouts and map dynamics.

Lastly, Campaign will leave you asking for more, it’s gritty and demonstrates in every aspect how to bounce back from two previously mocked releases. The new healing system via health packs allows for more hardened players to take a step back and slowly enjoy the game as if they were risking their own lives. Overall the game is a fantastic addition to the series and will hopefully teach the developers to cease with the futuristic shooter formula.

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