Album Review: Trial by Fire – Yelawolf

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via

Author Rating: 9.5/10

Yelawolf’s third LP demonstrates growth, diversity and perfection. With a gap of almost three years since his last album, there’s no question what Yelawolf has been up to.

Trial by Fire is Country music taken back to its roots of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Sam Cooke and Stevie Ray Vaughan. With Yelawolf over string and brass instruments the songs keep a soulful and creative touch to them.

Yelawolf’s true stand out performance on this album is his voice on the title track “Trial by Fire,” he manages to hit notes not previously heard on previous projects and with the chorus being cloaked with lo-fi production it gives the listener the sound of an old school Phil Spectre produced track.

The instrumental features a dirty and rugged sounding electric guitar and a classic old west piano piece you could find in an old 17th century saloon.

Yelawolf proves to his fans and new listeners that not only does is he back with a new sound but one worth noting as he combines multiple elements of Rock, Country and Hip-Hop.

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