Movie Review: Blade Runner: 2049

photo courtesy of Vimeo via

photo courtesy of Vimeo via

Author Rating: 10/10

The latest installment in the now growing Blade Runner series is a visual masterpiece laced in socially conscious metaphors and a plot that brings the audience in with every turn. 

Ryan Gosling plays what is known as a Blade Runner, a human looking robot whose job it is to find old androids and put them out of commission. The plot follows Ryan Gosling’s, “K” throughout a visually stunning arrangement of cinematography and a character arc of self-actualization.

The plot grows thicker with every twist and turn thrown at the audience in a three-hour time slot, and even leaves the movie open to a possibility of continuing sequels. 

Director Denis Villeneuve delights the audience with everything you would expect in a futuristic world, while still keeping the fresh and innovative vision previously created by James Cameron. 

Villeneuve does an excellent job at keeping Blade Runner: 2049 familiar but refreshingly new, making the film not feel like a reboot/sequel but rather its own entity while keeping the feeling that made the original “Blade Runner” a cult classic.

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