Schedule Around You! New Program allows students to generate a schedule that best fit their needs

Courtesy of pixabay

Courtesy of pixabay

MCC is adopting a new way for students to make their schedules. The new schedule planner can be used by students, and is available on the myMCC website. With new features, the schedule planner makes registering for classes a more streamlined process.

With this new schedule planner, students will have more options open to them for scheduling. Before the implementation of the new planner, scheduling was a hassle not only for new students but for returning students as well.

This is the first type of scheduling program the college has ever used. Elizabeth Ripton, Director of Registration and Records and Registrar for the college, stated that MCC has “…never had anything like this,” and that students do not have to register one class at a time.

Ripton stated that the new schedule planner “…allows you to find the schedule that not only works for you, but [helps] let you take better control of your life.”

Ripton stated that she has never seen a bigger upside to scheduling. “I have been a registrar for over 25 years and this is the biggest change to registration since we implemented web transactions and self service,” stated Ripton.

All of the data in the schedule planner is also recorded to Banner. Banner is a program that the college uses that records data for various things around campus, such as Records and Registration, the Financial Aid office and more. Ripton explained that the schedule planner is “on top” of Banner; therefore all of the data the schedule planner collects, Banner does as well.

Ripton is excited for new and returning students to use the schedule planner, stating that it is much easier than before to make a schedule.

When using the schedule planner, it is best to know what classes you need to take for the semester you’re registering.

Essentially, if a student knows what they need to take, all the student has to do is plug in what courses they need to take and what times the student is available to take them, and the schedule planner will generate a schedule based on the parameters given by the student.

Not only will the new schedule planner create a schedule for the student, but it will also display it to them graphically.

Also, if students have to schedule in breaks, they can do so on the schedule planner. In addition, if students do not want to take classes late at night or early in the morning, they can control that as well.

Additionally, students can choose what campuses they prefer to have classes on; however, this will minimize the number of possible schedules generated.

The schedule planner also displays if the courses selected have any prerequisites and any additional information about the course itself.

Once a schedule is generated, and the student selects it, they can then register for classes.

However, it is still recommended to seek advisement before registering for classes. To do so, visit the advising center, an academic advisor or Degree Works.

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