Clubs and organization suffering from low enrollment numbers

Courtesy of pixabay

Courtesy of pixabay

Written by Marisa Pellegrino

Enrollment in MCC’s clubs and organizations enrollment and activity has declined along with the colleges overall enrollment of students.

Because of a lack of participation from students, clubs and organizations don’t have enough staff to maintain their charter from one year to the next, and fizzle out. The amount of different clubs and organizations at MCC are vast. However, students are lacking the know-how, time or even motivation to join.

With over 60 clubs and organizations at MCC, there is bound to be something for everyone. However, with limited resources due to club staffing, promoting them is a challenge. In past years, the time from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., frequently known as “college hour,” was reserved for students to get involved and join a club that interested them. After a spike in enrollment, college hour was filled with the more popular classes offered at MCC. Even though enrollment is down almost 28 percent, some classes are still scheduled during college hour.

It is unsure whether or not the lack of college hour is affecting club enrollment, however, it seems bringing it back would help. Student Life and Leadership Director, Elizabeth Stewart says, “My staff and I are trying to better understand the classes that are offered during college hour, and ways we can get to the freshmen.” Stewart believes that targeting incoming students would be a great start to getting club enrollment up again.

By making it known that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon are when all the clubs and organizations meet, hopefully freshmen making their schedule will leave that slot open. If students don’t know to leave room for extracurriculars, they miss out. Also, due to many students commuting, some lack the motivation to even make the time to stay on campus beyond their normal classes.

Certain clubs have seen a decline in participation in recent years. Full time student and treasurer of the Travel Club, Emma Quinn says, “the number of participants have dropped this semester due to the lack of participation at the club fair.” Advertisement seems, also, to be a main reason as to why students don’t know to join.

Joining a club or getting involved in an organization at MCC, “you can meet new people, it’s a great resume builder, and you can learn some really new things,” says Stewart. The connections with other peers that are formed in certain clubs and organizations are once in a lifetime. The need to get an increase in participation does not just come from the clubs themselves, but from the students who are missing out.

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