Referrals for alcohol most prominent offense at MCC

Courtesy of pixabay

Courtesy of pixabay

MCC released its 2016 safety report that calculated the most recent crime statistics from the prior year (2015).

The department of Public Safety releases its campus security and fire safety report toward the end of every calendar year. Every college that receives Federal Student Financial Aid programs must disclose information about its security policy and crime on campus under the Clery Act of 1990.


On MCC’s Brighton Campus there were 3 incidents of motor vehicle theft, 11 incidents of dating violence, 2 incidents of domestic violence, 5 incidents of rape, 2 incidents of burglary, 6 arrests for drugs, and 23 referrals for drugs, among others. The crime with the highest number of reports is referrals for alcohol. There were 144 referrals for alcohol on the Brighton Campus, 142 of which occurred in the Residence halls. However, there were zero arrests for alcohol.

On MCC’s Damon City Campus, there were far less crimes than those reported at Brighton. There were two incidents of dating violence. DCC is the smaller campus, so it is likely fewer crimes would occur there.

When comparing MCC to Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC), MCC had the greater number of incidents. FLCC only reports 53 alcohol referrals, however 31 alcohol arrests were made. RIT reported 138 alcohol referrals and 1 alcohol

The College at Brockport reported 6 accounts of rape and 272 alcohol referrals. 10 alcohol arrests were made.

Referrals for alcohol appear to be the most overwhelming offense across the colleges. Referrals are written warnings for violating the college’s policy. All of the crimes are clearly defined in the report discerning what qualifies as a specific offense.

The full Campus and fire safety report for 2016 can be accessed on The department of Public Safety can be reached at 585-292-2902.

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