MCC Culture: “Release the Magic”

Courtesy of Jordynn Barnhart

Courtesy of Jordynn Barnhart

Students will find in the cafeteria an area with four tables pushed together, surrounded by smaller tables with people gaming on laptops. This spot is more commonly referred to as “the gaming corner”; and in this corner, students hang out, eat and play card games.

“When I first started here it was maybe 10 or 12 people. These tables were just scattered around,” said Josh “Vandy” Vandermeulen. He has been a part of The Corner from the beginning, and since then it has grown to over 30 people.

The Corner is welcome to all different kinds of people, regardless of age, race, gender and personality. From athletes to nerds, Vandy said, “There’s people here like Caleb. He’s an athlete, he’s good looking—and he hangs out here.”

KT Hastings added, “Then there’s people who are socially awkward, people who won’t communicate with other people at all. But when they come into The Corner, we can have three hour conversations with them about things like quantum mechanics, which is the coolest thing ever.”

Hastings enjoys spending time in the corner and playing video games on PlayStation. She encourages others to stop by and start a conversation, since gaming is what brought The Corner together. Even security guards stop by and talk with students about their favorite Pokémon.

“Have you ever came here in the morning and these tables were separated?” -Vandy

The group has gotten large enough where Vandy created a Discord channel solely for people in that corner. Discord is a chat application with voice and text channels that players can use to communicate while gaming.

The two most popular games played in The Corner are “Magic: The Gathering” and “League of Legends”. Magic is a trading card game where each player begins with twenty life points and opponents battle to knock each other down to zero; and League is a multiplayer online battle arena where two teams fight to destroy the other team’s home base.

“We’ve got gaming as a way to connect with each other, we all like the same things. We can be comfortable with each other,” said Vandy.

People interested in gaming can also join MCC’s S.W.O.R.D club, or, Students Who Occasionally Roll Dice; the club hosts bi-weekly board game nights on Fridas at 5:00pm.

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