Bookstore to offer semester-long textbook buyback

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Written by Cameron Slaven

Each semester, MCC students miss the textbook buyback program and find themselves stuck with a book they no longer have a use for. In response to student demand, the MCC Bookstore now offers a semester-long buyback program for students.

   Students can visit the bookstore daily to re-sell their textbooks. Darren Kwiatkowski, Textbook Manager at MCC, says the semester-long buyback program is something that the school has always attempted to offer following the busiest parts of the buyback. “It’s not really a change for us. After the rush period, we do open up a daily buyback.”

The awareness of daily buyback has been relatively unknown to most students, but the bookstore has “done a better job of publicizing it…..due to student demand” says Virginia Geer-Mentry, Executive Director of MCC Association. Students have expressed their displeasure with missing the buyback deadlines which in turn has resulted in the school attempting to make everyone aware of the current services in place.

   There is a market and system in place to determine the buyback value of each textbook. Books that are torn, damaged, or have been written in have diminished value and are sometimes worth nothing at all. Charli Suter, the Bookstore Manager at MCC, explained that the school has “a computer database for wholesale that is based on national demand.” Suter says that the daily buyback program is mostly for wholesale while the end of the semester buyback is primarily to purchase books used at MCC. Values are assessed based on condition and the market for that particular text. If MCC decides that it will no longer be using a certain book beyond the current semester, then the book itself retains little to no value. Students should also be aware that once an access code is scratched off or entered into its respective site, it is no longer able to be resold. Be sure that you are going to need the code before scratching off the foil to avoid not being able to re-sell it if it turns out you have no use for it.

Daily buyback extends up until approximately two weeks before the end of the semester, which is when the bookstore begins preparing for its largest buyback program at the end of each semester. At the end of each semester the bookstore opens up a section of the building where students can line up and get cash for their books, but you no longer have to wait until then.

Students who wish to sell their textbooks back should visit the MCC Bookstore during its open hours and consult the help desk there.

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