MCC men’s lacrosse team kicks off first game of the season

The Tribunes faced off against University at Buffalo’s (UB) club lacrosse team today, fighting valiantly in their first game of the season. UB won by four points, with a final score of 9-5.

From left to right: Cody Matteson (22), Ethan Marchitell (26), Santana Deanda (23)

From left to right: Cody Matteson (22), Ethan Marchitell (26), Santana Deanda (23). Photo by Jordynn Barnhart

In the first quarter, UB’s Tom Froehlich came through to score the first and second goals of the game, with teammate Pete Flood following up for another goal against the Tribunes. MCC’s goalie, Mark Campbell, held down the goal by blocking numerous shots taken in the second quarter.

Patrick Brewer, #4, charges in unassisted and scores the first goal for MCC. Craig Mikida, UB, wins the initial face-off and heads down the field to score, then proceeds to score again on the following possession. With 4 minutes left, Brewer scores a second goal with an assist from Jake Moss, #7. At half-time the Tribunes were down 5-2.

“You hardly notice [how cold it is] when you’re running around,” said one of the referees.

Campbell blocked another shot by Sam Cilano, #42, but MCC lost possession of the ball after, allowing for Cilano to cut back and scored another goal for UB. MCC answered back with a third goal from Brewer. David Lehman, #4, proceeded with a goal of his own, coming back from around the crease with a shot to the upper right corner. Moss followed through with the last goal of the game for the Tribunes.

UB maintained the lead, finishing off the Tribunes 9-5. After the game, a majority of attendees rushed straight to their cars to warm up from the frigid weather conditions.

“I think the boys did great. We’re excited for their next game, but hopefully it won’t be as cold,” said the parent of a Tribune.

The Tribunes next game will be against Jefferson Community College on Saturday, Mar. 11.

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