Single Stop at MCC

Single Stop at MCC is a new program that connects students and their families to free or low-cost community resources to help them gain support in various areas.

Launched for the fall 2016 semester, Single Stop at MCC is open to all MCC students. The program centralizes resources for students in a single page on the program’s website. Single Stop will show the student how much money each student may be eligible for in total benefits. The site will tell students where resources are located and what they are eligible for.

Single Stop Program Director Peggy Harvey-Lee states that the program began at the Damon City Campus because there is a smaller population on that campus compared to Brighton’s: “There were students receiving financial resources, [so] if that’s the case, they may need other sources.”

Harvey-Lee recommends that students contact her for a meeting to follow up after completing the application. After meeting with Harvey-Lee, the student should notify the organizations to let them know that he or she is coming. A student is eligible for the program based on what his or her need is.

“What we [MCC] doesn’t control is what [those] resources say,” said Harvey-Lee. Eligibility also depends on what the regulations of the resources are, as there are state and organizational requirements that may need to be met depending on the service.  

Single Stop is also a confidential program, which means that students’ personal information is safe and will not be shared with outside sources.  Students can save and update their information at any time.

The goal of the program is to engage as many students as possible and to help them stay in school. Harvey-Lee explains, “[many] students leave school not because of academics, but because of issues that might be occurring in their life that they can’t resolve, so this program is to help them stay in school, period.”

For more information, call (585) 262-1796 or go online to to apply.

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