Theater renovations continue into spring 2017

The Theatre at MCC’s Brighton Campus is currently undergoing renovations to improve acoustics, appearance and seating. The renovations are predicted to be complete by February 2017.

A third party contractor is currently moving forward with the theater renovations. The appearance of the theater will not keep with the college’s black and gold colors.

Larry Mandelker, Assistant Director of the Visual and Performing Arts (VaPA) Department at MCC, states that fixing the acoustics was “the driving force” for renovating the theater. VaPA was involved with the design, and the Assistant Director is excited for the renovations.

Mandelker claims that the theater will be completely different from how it originally was before; it will be unrecognizable from its prior state. Mandelker adds that the entire theater is under construction, not just one part.

Whilst Mandelker is excited about the new project, he does worry about how new staff and student actors will adapt to the renovations. “It’s going to be a learning curve,” Mandelker states.

Theater students will perform in the Black Box Theater until the current theater renovations is completed. The Black Box will host smaller scale shows that will primarily be held on weekends. Bookings in the Black Box Theater may be more difficult to acquire, as the work continues on the main theatre.  

The main hallway outside of the theater will still be open while construction is being done. Renovations will continue until the spring 2017 semester.


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