The Rio Olympics did not deserve gold

No matter what perspective one views Brazil hosting the Olympics, whether political, financial or moral, Rio de Janeiro was a terrible choice for a hosting city.

Brazil itself is in a messy state. They are facing an economic recession despite many economists boasting about its growing economy 10 years prior. How any country, especially Brazil at this moment, afford to host the Olympics is beyond comprehension. A major problem is that many countries cannot afford it, or they do not want to have the financial burden placed upon them.

The last winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia cost the country nearly $51 billion; in 2008, the Chinese spent over $40 billion for the Beijing Olympics. The host city before the 2008 Summer Olympics, Athens, had built over a dozen venues for their hosting and now many of those are abandoned twelve years later. If these are the fates of these stadiums in countries that face an economic crisis, isn’t it a waste of money? Not to mention the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, is being impeached; accused of violating fiscal laws in Brazil to cover budget shortfalls, Rousseff is battling her critics to maintain her position.

Also, the state of the water that many events are held in are atrocious, in Guanabara Bay, 80 to 100 tons of trash is washed up daily. Brazil’s State Environmental Secretary André Corrêa explained that they had failed to clean up the Guanabara bay by 80 percent due to extreme budget cuts.

Of all the sewage Rio produces, only 40 percent of it will be treated. The remaining 60 percent will be dumped, untreated, into the cities’ waterways. Those same waterways hosted the rowing, sailing and swimming events. These water venues would normally be closed due to them being unsafe to swim in. To put it into perspective, the fecal matter in those bodies of water can reach up to 200 times more than that of the legal limit of the U.S.

It’s not only trash that is being washed up upon Rio’s shores. A jogger found body parts—yes, body parts—on the shores of a beach where beach volleyball was being hosted weeks prior to the Olympic event. Green pool water and a submerged couch in the kayaking venue were only a few of the many hiccups during the games. An International Olympic Committee spokesperson, Mark Adams said in a Los Angeles Times article that he had “no regrets” choosing Rio as a hosting city.

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