Don’t cut out cursive

In recent years, since the adaptation of Common Core to nation-wide public schools, many different kinks have been identified that may hinder the education of students. Some topics cause controversial debates among students, parents, teachers and administrators alike. One such controversy is whether or not the age-old cursive style writing should be part of the mandatory curriculums. I believe, like any other debate, that every individual on each side should fully understand both arguments in order to accurately and passionately advocate their believed true perspective.  I have researched both sides to this argument and I have come to the conclusion that cursive writing should be taught in schools.

Since cursive was normally taught to young children, they would have plenty of time to work it and perfect it throughout their educational careers. Cursive has been around for thousands of years and dates before the Norman conquest of England in the 11th century. We should not get rid of part of our past because some people believe that it is too old to conjoin with our future.

While our world is blossoming under the intuitive eye of new technology, some people who oppose cursive in a curriculum believe that it is not needed since children should focus on learning how to advance with technology. But I do not believe that there is any fault in learning something new, or in this case, old.

 Another reason why I believe that it should be taught is because, if you don’t learn how to write cursive then it would be almost impossible to read and understand it. Cursive writing is so old and the technology that we have now is recent in our total history of humanity. It should be said that if someone is not taught cursive and cannot understand it, then therefore they would not be able to read original documents or works of art made by our ancestors. I believe that this is an extremely important factor to consider. Being able to read the original Declaration of Independence first hand, versus a copy on the internet, is a meaningful experience.  

Cursive was also designed as a fast way to produce documents. The flow of the lettering allows for a writer to compose words in an efficient manner while not taking their pen off the page. This works for me at least since I still use forms of cursive when writing notes during classes. For a society that values time and would rather not sleep than waste any, you would think that people would choose the fastest way to write. Now, I’m not saying that cursive should be the only way to write or that people who don’t use it are foolish. I just believe that children should be taught another option in case that is the way that they prefer to write.

Finally, I just think that cursive is a beautiful written language. It is so unique and is a style that contradicts the styles we have made normal which is unfortunately, essentially, a downgrade to our society’s culture due to the rise of technology.  


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