The Hottest hits of the summer

Summer is a very important time for the music industry. School is out and people are taking vacations, which means there are more consumers looking to spend money on music and go to concerts. But which song is the definitive song of the summer? Based on their performance on the Billboard charts, we’ve narrowed down the top songs that can lay claim to that distinction:   

Cheap Thrills” by Sia featuring Sean Paul: The Australian singer serenades the listener’s ears with her powerful voice and a memorable melody. Sean Paul, who has had his fair share of summer hits, is featured on this track and gives this track a different vibe compared to anything else on mainstream radio at the moment. The track is all about not needing money to enjoy one’s self, just good music and someone you care about. The song reached number one on the Billboard charts.  

Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake: Timberlake delivers a feel-good summer hit. This upbeat record is all about positive feelings and good vibrations. It was predicted to be a summer hit and definitely lived up to those predictions, receiving airplay around the country. In terms of innovation, it is a fairly generic song, but it accomplished what it needed to do and got to the top spot its first week on the chart.

Panda” by Desiigner: “Panda” was on fire the early part of the summer, giving Desiigner, with only one single to his name at the time, a number one hit. “Panda” gained popularity after the release of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo album, which Desiigner was featured on. “Panda” is a fun, slightly dark song about a luxury car resembling the face of a panda bear. Desiigner uses an unorthodox song structure on this record, which makes its success all the more shocking.

One Dance” by Drake: Drake achieved his first number one hit with “One Dance”. This track has clear Reggae and Dancehall influence, which once again polarizes the Canadian Hip Hop artist; is it a sign of his versatility and his respect for other genres, or is he once again “leeching” off of another culture’s art form, as some of his detractors claim? Regardless, Drake dominated the Hip-hop and pop airwaves this summer with “One Dance.”  

This is What You Came For” By Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna: Harris produces another hit with Rihanna after 2011’s “We Found Love.” This dance track reached the number three spot on the Billboard Charts and bellowed through the airwaves the entire season. If you wanted a song to dance to which stays in your head all day, this is indeed what you came for.  

Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers featuring Daya: The Chainsmokers continue their year of mainstream success with this breezy hit. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard charts, surpassing their previous hit, “Roses,” which only rose to the number six spot. Daya delivers the vocals on this track, giving an airy accompaniment to the Chainsmoker’s energetic production.     

Honorable mentions:

Just Like Fire” by P!nk. This is an intense empowering song by the “So What” singer, claiming that she came to “run it.” However, she only ran it to the number 10 position on the Billboard Charts.  

Send my Love” by Adele: Definitely a more upbeat song than her previous single “Hello,” however, it didn’t outperform that record on the charts only landing the ninth spot.

Ride” by Twenty One Pilots: This reggae influenced song takes listeners on a fun “ride,” however, the pilots couldn’t fly it to a spot higher than number five this summer.   

Work” by Rihanna: Yes, this song spent weeks as the number one song and did play a lot this summer, however it was dominating before Spring began.  

Flex (All in My Head)” by Fifth Harmony: This is a fun summer song that seemingly had all of the elements to be a hit, however it only put in enough work to flex to 24th spot on the charts.

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