You’ve got mail, so check it!

An MCC’s student e-mail, via Outlook, is the primary form of communication of the institution. All major information that affects students will be expressed through the service whether it be course level or school wide.

Professors primarily contact students via e-mail when outside of class and vice versa. Professors may send corrections, grades, additional info for class, homework, class cancellations and other information that he or she wants to reach students.

“We expect students to check their e-mail” claims Professor Jason Flack, from the Visual and Performing Arts department (VaPA).  Every student is assigned an e-mail username, so professors expect every student to be constantly checking his or her e-mail for updates.  

Aside from keeping in touch with instructors, MCC’s e-mail service sends information on students’ financial aid situation. Bills are sent through the service which lets students know how much they owe and when payments are due.

Information concerning a student’s status either academic or with Financial aid can also be accessed through “My MCC” via the MCC website.

Important information, such as being dropped from a class, will be sent to students’ “My MCC” page and their student e-mail. Certain things, such as final grades for courses, are only found through “My MCC.” However, Professors may also send final grades through e-mail as well, if they choose to do so.   

“[E-mail is] the easiest way for instructors to get a hold of the whole class.” claims Flack. Professor Dr. Jethro Gaede of the Anthropology/History/Political Science and Sociology department, believes that students should check their e-mail because “that’s how faculty keep in touch with students.” He states that there are “things that happen in a more immediate sense that can’t wait for class.”

Students who have questions can go to the Student Technology Help Desk B in Building 11 room 106B on the Brighton Campus or the DCC learning commons on the fourth floor. Students can also use a different e-mail to send a message to or call 585-292-8324.

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